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It's a good day...

...when a new "Foreigner" novel by C.J. Cherryh comes to the house. *bliss*

So, I see it's been awhile on LJ. I'm fine; how are you guys? ;-)

Spaaaaaace Whaaaaaaaale! Redux

First, the throw-down link from gilmoure’s Tumblir yesterday:

Space Whale tropes on TVTropes.com.

I’ll own it. Here’s my own contribution to vintage 1970’s tropey-goodness:

Thar she blows! Spaaaaaace Whaaaaaaaale - ahoy on my art blog.
...your husband administers the Voight-Kampff test to your dog:

(A conversation from this morning. Both dogs jumped up on the bed before we got up. Our mutt Sabre, who has recently discovered his overactive prey drive, has his heavy, Akita-mix head on Bob's chest, gazing sleepily into his eyes.)

"Your neighbor's sweet, beloved, declawed cat Peri, which you were raised with as a puppy, wanders into your yard."

Stupid cats. I wasn't going to bite down real hard; I didn't even break the skin. I dunno what the big deal was about that..."

"You trap a cottontail rabbit under the shed. You can dig around the edges but can't get to it. The rabbit makes a break for it and heads for the woods."

"I run it down and kill it. I gave it to you for a present, remember?"

"A squirrel is digging for acorns under a tree. It's too busy to notice you."

"I sneak up on it like a big, furry black and white ninja and kill it. Sort of... I was gonna eat it but you guys acted all weird and upset and stuff like you wanted it or something. So I gave it to you too."

"Well, that's what we get for adopting an orphaned mutt from the streets."

"My mother!? Let me tell you about my mother..."

Yep. I knew it. Our dog's a replicant.

Things In My Studio #2

I miss the cheeky-monkey British print ads of the 80's:

Things In My Studio #1

So, I've completed the mighty book and studio purge and everything is finally/mostly organized. Nine boxes of books donated to the library; stuff I've had since college. Some nice art books plus my whole C.J. Cherryh and Charles de Lint collection. (Everything except the signed editions; replaced w/ e-books for re-reading.) Damn near killed me to let some of that go but I have gained yards of shelf space. (And donated three book shelves.) We also dropped off several loads of furniture and household goods to PARC in the last few weeks. The house is looking much better - clean and uncluttered and I find my brain is following suit. I can see my drawing board again and I have a list of fresh projects to tackle.

But while re-organizing the studio and the flat files, I kept coming across stuff I had forgotten about. So I'll post some of this, randomly.

This is a page from one of my very early SCA illuminated manuscripts, c. 1980, when I was a student at Univ. of Florida. (It was tucked inside a copy of The Plan of St. Gall which I very nearly put in the donation box... good thing I looked.) I did a couple of these pages in an ambitious-yet-strangely!-never-completed "Trimaris Bestiary" that were entered in Arts/Sci. This is the "Walking Catfish"; I also have one of a manatee with boobs I'll upload later. I drew it during the Dark Ages of Trimaris, so it's vegetable parchment, rapidograph, brass leaf and designer gouache FTW. (You damn 21st. C. Laurel kids with your lambskin parchment and 23 karat gold leaf and ground pigments - off my lawn! :-)
Check out the wedding and fashion show galleries. (Ed. - And the photo shoots.)


Found linked to one of my favorite designers, Green Girl Studios. Also worth a look and bookmark, especially to beaders.


"Beware of the Doghouse"

A short for J.C. Penney created by Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising. Hilarious. Also answers the age-old question of where your missing socks go.



This was sent to my husband who, for the record, has always given me something amazing for gifts. (Except for once on my birthday when he gave me a front-end, aftermarket spoiler for my 1972 Volvo. But that was a long, long time ago...) He's totally off the hook.

However, he did have a whole email conversation with the guys he linked this to — not about women and gifts — but which 19th c. fort's powder magazine was used as the set:

From Marty, our historian friend:

As for the fort - I'm pretty sure that it is in the NYC area. Every company involved in producing that video is located in Manhattan: the Ad Agency (Saatchi & Saatchi), the Production Company (HungrymanTV), the Visual Effects Company (Big Sky Editorial) & the Sound Designer (Sound Lounge).

That being the case, I'm trying to think of places in the NY harbor area where you'd see that. There are two things this could be: 1.) The casemate of a 19th Century masonry fort or 2.) an 1870s powder magazine (like the on beneath Battery Thomas at Fort Morgan).

My guess is that this was shot at Battery Weed/Fort Wadsworth:


Fort nerds. I has one.
I made this for Thanksgiving yesterday and it was the bomb. Raves all around. Has two of my most favorite ingredients evah in one handy recipe: pine nuts and a lb. of bacon. It’s actually very light and went superbly with both our turkey and honey-glazed ham. Use fresh thyme if you can get it & best-quality, thick-cut bacon. I didn’t have quite enough dry white wine but filled out the last 1/4 cup with chicken broth. Use wine if you can. I also baked in a dish rather than used it to stuff the bird. Tastes amazing.

The recipe is via last week’s issue of The Week magazine (which is where I found it), by way of Oprah’s O magazine and is adapted from the original version from Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything, which makes about half the amount this version does (about 7 cups; enough for 8).

Bacon-Nut Stuffing

BTW, I didn’t have enough time to pull off a from-scratch pumpkin pie for dessert but we stopped by the ”Land of Pie” yesterday after lunch and picked up a key lime and coconut cream. Mr. Tinne’s gaming buddies know about J.J. Gandy’s pies; he’s brought some over for gaming night.

It’s kind of a best-kept, north county secret that you can stop by this excellent commercial bakery in a warehouse (if you can find it) and walk in for 20 kinds of pies served in local restaurants, especially their famous key lime pie. (Losers go to Village Inn... but then, I couldn’t pull out a home-baked pie this year. ::makes backwards “L” sign over forehead::)

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